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An Honest Financial Accounting: First Preliminary Edition

Dear reader:

With this first post to The Accounting Onion in almost four(!) years, I am establishing a portal for commenting on my book project, of An Honest Financial Accounting: The Myth, and Making it a Reality. 

  • By publishing a series of first drafts, I hope to solicit comments.
  • Eventually, a “first preliminary edition” will be published as an ebook.
  • As I receive comments on the first preliminary edition, I will also be developing two additional components to complete a “final first edition”: a table of the similarities and differences between AHFA and US GAAP; and examples of the application of AHFA.  (The examples and table will also be published in installments on this blog.)

The drafts of the first preliminary edition begin here.  Or, you can go to the draft table of contents, and navigate from there to any installment with a lin.

I am very excited to be building momentum, and aim to be posting at a fairly steady rate.  It feels great to be back!


Tom Selling

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