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The Asset Impairment Song and Dance (Part 2 of 2)

My latest post was about general problems with asset “impairment” accounting —  its absurdity, high cost and dubious information value.  And I haven’t even begun to hone in on the wurst part: goodwill impairment.

It is [Read More...]

The Double Illusion of Financial Statement Comparability and Auditability: Through the Lens of Falling O&G Prices

My inspirations for this post are the maiden speech of the SEC’s new chief accountant James Schnurr, and the joy of paying only $2.02/gallon at the pump.

As for Mr. Schnurr, I plan to [Read More...]

Goodwill Impairment: I Love a Charade

I have written about initial recognition of goodwill on numerous occasions. I suppose it might be less bothersome if goodwill had the good grace to sit and stay like a good dog [Read More...]