Peeling away financial reporting issues one layer at a time

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Is XBRL the Future of Financial Reporting? (YES!)

For many of the financial reporting questions of the day, the right way forward is self-evident and direct. “Build it and they will come,” I say.

But far too often, policy makers allow themselves to [Read More...]

Grilled Accounting Onions

Rob Nance of iShade, the online accounting network, recently interviewed me for his own blog.  With Rob’s permission, I’m repeating (with some minor edits to my responses) his post, below.

* [Read More...]

Off-Topic (But In-Season): Accountants for Peace and Prosperity

The author of this post is Annie Schedrin of the London-based organization Accounting for International Development (AfID). It seems like they do good work where it is much needed. I [Read More...]

Why Do Accounting Academics Blog Less Than Other Academics?

I'm honored to have been selected to give the keynote speech at the American Accounting Association's Northeast Region Meeting. I'm on right after breakfast on Friday, October 28th.

As you might have guessed, the [Read More...]

Can a Lack of XBRL Tags Stop the IFRS Express?

In previous blog posts long ago (like here and here), I expressed the hope that XBRL will fundamentally transform financial reporting and financial statement analysis.  For example, it's one thing to argue [Read More...]

Has India Abandoned IFRS?

I need to be careful here, because this is something I was told second hand: India has bailed out of IFRS.

My source is a member of the Consultative Advisory Group of the International Auditing [Read More...]

To Head in the Right Direction on IFRS, the SEC Should Make a U-Turn

In my first post with results of our IFRS opinion survey, I focused on three questions that indicated respondents' overall attitude towards IFRS adoption without getting too deep into the specifics. In [Read More...]

Is the IFRS Dance Over? Maybe… but Maybe Not

My grand plan was to write about political influences on GAAP and IFRS, which I did last week; and then to move on to the FASB's mark-to-market proposals. But having received a [Read More...]

No Escaping the Politics of Information

It's one thing to rely on misleading financial statements and invest in a company that soon thereafter goes bankrupt; and quite another to invest in a hip replacement operation that turns out [Read More...]

Taking Stock of Christopher Cox: Part 2 of 2

In the previous post I listed and described the major SEC rulemaking initiatives that have come out since Christopher Cox took charge.  It looks like an impressive list, but most of the improvements to [Read More...]