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ASU 2015-03: The Latest Simplification to GAAP That’s Not

Relative to the big changes that are supposed to be coming from the FASB (leases, revenue recognition, loan impairment), ASU No. 2015-03 on debt issuance costs is very small potatoes.  But, if you are [Read More...]

Ten Reasons Against Mark-to-Market for Loans – and the Reasons Why They are Wrong (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing my previous post, here's reasons 6 – 10 with my responses.

6. There are also hedge accounting considerations. Paragraph 79 of IAS 39 does not allow interest rate risk hedge accounting [Read More...]

Ten Arguments Against Mark-to-Market for Loans – and 10 Reasons Why They’re Wrong (Part 1 of 2)

In my previous post, I argued that the FASB should require accounting for investments in loans at inflation-adjusted replacement cost.  I have not been flooded with reactions from readers, but I [Read More...]

Making Financial Statement Presentation Simple: Mandate Account Reconciliations

Following my most recent post on financial statement presentation, Eddie Thomas, a frequent commenter of this blog, wrote: "Wouldn't investors be better off pushing for a more robust XBRL so that they can [Read More...]

Financial Statement Presentation: The Sequel

Two readers, including Robert Bloomfield, Cornell accounting professor (my alma mater!) and Director of the Financial Accounting Standards Research Initiative (FASRI) of the FASB, were kind enough to point out an error in my [Read More...]

The “Preliminary Views” on Financial Statement Presentation: Seven Years of Deliberation for This?

This past October, the FASB and IASB issued a joint discussion paper with their preliminary views on financial statement presentation:

"[The IASB and FASB initiated the joint project on financial statement [Read More...]

FSP APB 14-a: How Long Should it Take to Close a Loophole the Size of Arthur Andersen?

APB 14 was promulgated in 1969 when we were still pretty much in the dark ages with respect to the valuation of derivative financial instruments.  The Opinion addressed two issues, one of them being [Read More...]

IAS 23 and FAS 34: Political Interests Trump Accounting for Interest

In Finance 101 it is taught that the decision to acquire assets involves two steps.  First, you figure out which assets you want to acquire (capital budgeting), and second, you figure out how to [Read More...]