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Making Myself Clearer on the Topic of Liabilities and Equity

I made a conscious decision to eschew formulas in my recent post on the difficulty the FASB has had in creating a standard that results in a reasonable classification of liabilities and equity.  [Read More...]

Liabilities and Equity: FASB Turns Accounting on Its Ear

I am happy to report that the FASB’s recently issued Preliminary Views document entitled Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Equity fills me with cautious optimism that, at long last, the FASB may actually [Read More...]

The Four Sins of Stock Option Backdating

I have a weak spot in my heart for my former students–especially if they were also my tennis or cycling buddies.  Chris, of the cycling variety, recently sent me this email message:

…So, today I [Read More...]

FSP APB 14-a: How Long Should it Take to Close a Loophole the Size of Arthur Andersen?

APB 14 was promulgated in 1969 when we were still pretty much in the dark ages with respect to the valuation of derivative financial instruments.  The Opinion addressed two issues, one of them being [Read More...]