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Announcing Our IFRS Survey!

This is a brief announcement of an online IFRS survey that I have prepared with Pat Walters of Fordham University. 

I invited Pat to collaborate with me because we have divergent views on the questions being asked.  Thus, I hope that together we have achieved a modicum of balance in the survey's design–particularly in the phrasing of the questions and response choices offered.  There are only 12 multiple-choice questions, and afterwards, I cordially invtie you to express your own opinions regarding its design by posting a comment to this blog post. 

We are also trying to reach many more stakeholders than any other survey has reached to-date on the IFRS adoption/convergence question.  To that end, we hope you will choose to email the link at the bottom of this post to anyone else whom you think might have an interest in taking it.

Pat and I thank you in advance for clicking here to take the survey, or by pasting this ugly link in your web browser:

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  1. Reply Sidd @ CPA Continuing Education October 14, 2009

    The survey looks great and focuses on some really important questions. The questions are thought provoking and the options for each cover the responses you might get. It’s a great job overall!

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